How to Give a Devotional

What is a devotional? The teaching of a principal from the Bible.

Length of a devotional? 7 – 10 minutes 

1. Take one scripture (a truth) from the Bible. 

2, How has God inspired your life?    Share something from your own experiences.  Tell what God’s been doing in your life. Keep it fresh & personable.  

3. Focus on just ONE Bible verse.  Keep things clear, focused, concise, and short!

4. Share one clear idea from the Bible verse.  Keep it short, memorable, and on target.

5. Find ways for your audience to come up with ideas to implement the Bible verse idea.  D

Don’t leave it in the abstract!  Let the audience take it home and put it into practice in their life.

FIND an application for that one key idea!

6. Close in prayer and ask God for this truth to take shape and to come to the people hearing it.

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